Centro Nacional de Experimentación de Tecnologías de Hidrogeno y Pilas de Combustible Consorcio

The Spanish National Hydrogen Centre (CNH2) is a National Research Centre devoted into research and development of hydrogen technologies covering the whole cycle: hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and purification, and hydrogen conversion into energy using fuel cells. 

Moreover, a key competence of CNH2 lies in process testing, characterization, standardization, certification or validation of technological developments achieved by the productive sector to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and to promote the implementation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. With 13 laboratories and 3 auxiliary facilities; CNH2’s laboratories are focused in all areas related to H2 and fuel cells: Electrolysis, H2 storage, PEM and SOFC, Power Electrics, Micro-grids, Simulation, Materials Characterization, FABLAB, Testing, Vehicles and a Hydrogen Refilling Station (350 bar). The CNH2 has also support facilities such as a Prototype Fabrication Facility, an Energy Efficient Building Demonstrator, an EV Charging point for small vehicles and a Solar photovoltaic plant (100kW) enabling the development and scale up of processes as well as the testing and validating of prototypes and equipment.”