Proton Ventures BV

Proton Ventures BV originally started in 2001 in Brielle (the Netherlands). In 2011 we moved our office to Schiedam (the Netherlands) within close proximity to the industries in the Port of Rotterdam. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company having a team of 20 enthusiastic professionals who can develop, design and implement customized solutions for our customers.


Proton Ventures BV is experienced in building and running pressurized and refrigerated ammonia terminals. Furthermore, it has experience in storage concepts for chemicals and liquid fertilizers for agriculture and horticulture. However, handling dangerous goods requires up-to-date technology and hands-on support by the engineering contractor(s). Proton Ventures BV provides this support as a mix of innovation, practical experience and operational know-how.

Proton Ventures is active in the complete chain of Feedstock2Ammonia2Application (see figure below) and wants to be the leading partner for decentralized ammonia and / or NFUEL production units in the world. Our goal is to be an innovative partner for storage of liquefied gasses and other chemicals in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally acceptable way. We enable and support our partners to develop applications based on sustainably produced NFUEL. The NFUEL concept is based on the decentralized production of ammonia, facilitating customers to be independent of transport costs and fluctuations of the ammonia price. Furthermore, ammonia can be produced from renewable electricity sources (green ammonia) or using feedstock such as natural gas, biogas or flare gas.

In line with the development of our NFUEL concept Proton has done several research & development projects, with roles varying from participant to project leader, to develop and optimize the complete cycle of Power 2 Products, Power 2 Gas and/or NH3 as an energy carrier. These studies have been done with partners as ISPT, Akzonobel, ECN, TU Delft & TU Twente & OCI and many other Dutch research institutes.

To be one of the leading partners for decentralized ammonia production based on renewables Proton Ventures became a member of the NH3 Fuel association in the United States. The NH3 Fuel Association serves as an industry association that promotes the adoption and use of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy. It aims to act as the global agent of collective action for its Members by creating, collecting, organizing, and disseminating relevant knowledge and by conducting advocacy activities in selected jurisdictions.

In imitation of the NH3 Fuel Association Proton Ventures is one of the major partners of the European Power to Ammonia Conference ( This yearly event, established in 2017, aims to gather thought societies, industries and academics, including well-known experts, developers and scientists to present the latest research results, present achievements, application fields and business prospects in energy solutions.