Elcogen AS

Elcogen was founded in 2001 and has since then been working closely together with two leading Estonian research institutions: The Institute of Physical Chemistry of the University of Tartu and the National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics in Tallinn. In order to reach a competitive product, new materials and processes have been developed through applied research. In recent years, Elcogen has used an international network in product development, cooperating with Polymer Innovations (the U.S.), ECN (the Netherlands), Erlangen University (Germany), HaikuTech (the Netherlands), Helsinki University, Picosun (both Finland) etc. Elcogen’s solid oxide cells have been repeatedly tested by VTT, an independent research institution in Finland, who estimates that Elcogen’s cells are the best on the market.


Now, Elcogen is the world’s most advanced manufacturer of ceramic anode-supported, low temperature solid oxide cells. Our proprietary cells and stacks deliver market-leading electrical efficiency and are positioned to achieve market-enabling lifetime and cost levels. Elcogen has developed a best-in-class SOC stack with electrical efficiency of 74%, while being able to operate at a temperature of 650°C vs. 750-900°C of the competition. The lower operating temperature allows the use of low-cost materials and a cost-efficient system design. To date, we have commercialized two-unit cell generations, 1- and 3-kW stacks, and have sold our technology to 60+ industry-leading customers globally. Elcogen’s 18 years of SOC R&D are protected by several patent families, which cover the design and manufacturing of our cells and stacks.