PSA Innovation and Design

PSA Innovation and Design, affiliated to Stellantis, is a company dedicated to Studies, Research, Innovation and Conception in Automotive field as well as Style and Design activities. PSA ID has gained expertise in the field of optimization strategies to quickly design and size a new powertrain from a blank page, in order to save time in the advance phase and before the development phase. For such, PSA ID relies on an Open Innovation approach, which connects a broad scope of partners such as universities, research laboratories, companies both large and small, start-ups and incubators, and individuals by creating  and generating the Stellantis’s OpenLabs network.

Created in 2011, the OpenLab ‘Energetics’, a joint lab with University of Orléans (Laboratoire PRISME) provides a shared scientific vision of alternative energy and innovative powertrains to identify disruptive innovations to reach zero carbon footprint target, sign international partnerships and also to train talented young engineers and researchers. For ARENHA project, University of Orléans will operate as third party in the Open Lab context.