PSA Innovation and Design

PSA Innovation and Design is a company dedicated to Studies, Research, Innovation and Conception in Automotive field as well as Style and Design activities. It is affiliated to Groupe PSA. As the 2nd largest European Car maker, Groupe PSA, with its six world-known brands, PEUGEOT, CITROËN, DS, OPEL, VAUHALL and Free2Move, sold more than 3.6M vehicles worldwide in 2017. PSA has sales operations in 160 countries and achieved 65.2billions€ of turnover in 2017. It is also involved in financing activities (BANQUE PSA FINANCE) and automotive equipment (FAURECIA). The Group has a workforce of 170,000 persons, around 90000 in Automotive division and 750 people dedicated to Innovation activities. 57% of employees work outside France, of which 32% in other European countries and 25% elsewhere in the world.

From an internationally recognised overall performance, PSA Group goes for the group’s strategy of value creation: to imagine and prepare mobility solutions and experiences in an evolving environment. For Groupe PSA, innovation must focus on anticipating client’s expectations, limiting our environmental footprint, and offering products that are ever more attractive. For such, PSA ID relies on an Open Innovation approach, which connects a broad scope of partners such as universities, research laboratories, companies both large and small, start-ups and incubators, and individuals. This policy aims to ensure that the group’s R&D solutions are based on excellent techno-scientific knowledge, to identify the Business Models enabling such solutions to thrive, and to accelerate their Time to Market. As a result, Groupe PSA was able to confirm in 2018, and for its tenth year in a row, its place as a Top 3 leader in deposited patents in France. 

PSA ID has a large experience in the conception and manufacturing of vehicles, including the powertrain. To achieve this PSA ID has proficiency in numerical simulations for the comprehension of physical processes at stake as for the powertrain conception of unconventional energy converters for automotive propulsion purpose. Then, its tools of expertise are 1D system simulation, 3D simulation of SI and Diesel combustion and engine test bench development and management. Moreover, PSA has gained expertise in the field of optimization strategies to quickly design and size a new powertrain from a blank page, in order to save time in the advance phase and before the development phase.